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Land sale

Land for sale in Essaouira is either located in urban or rural areas .

With regard to land located in urban areas , we draw the attention of our customers to the need to request an urban planning information note from the Urban Agency of Essaouira in order to verify whether the coveted land meets the project to be carried out.

Land in urban areas can be purchased by anyone regardless of nationality.

The regulations in force concerning land located in rural areas no longer allow the purchase of agricultural land by non-Moroccans to build a dwelling house there.

Indeed, the Non-Agricultural Vocation certificates for rural land are no longer issued by the Marrakech Regional Investment Center.

With derogation, the acquisition remains possible if it is a project to build a guest house, if compliance with very precise specifications. But before any purchase commitment, it is advisable to get closer to the Regional Investment Center of Marrakech to check the feasibility of the project.